About Me

Every story paints a picture.
Every image has a story to tell.


Writing and drawing. They’ve been my twin passions ever since I can remember. Throughout school, my English teachers urged me to pursue a career in writing. My art teachers insisted that I go into art.

I chose to do both.


From Wall Street to Mulberry Street. From publishing to packaging to home and
garden décor.

I offer a track record of increasing response, sales and profits for a variety of industries through award-winning direct response advertising and marketing communications.

I take the time to know your unique business, target market and needs, then take you from concept to … success.



There are as many ways to express an idea as there are to interpret it.

Pop art, photorealism, and impressionism are my major influences. I find myself drawn to such subjects as medieval stained glass, reflections, boxers and faces — both animal and human. After all, it’s all in the eyes.

That’s why I encourage my audience to look beyond the expected ... to see the familiar in a whole new way ... to respond viscerally and intellectually. And, to be surprised, entertained and amused. To this end, I crop images to create a new reality, using colored pencils that are often mistaken for paint. Or, in the case of my 3-D art, I create whimsical animals with distinct personalities from locally sourced driftwood.

My work has been featured at solo and group shows in Florida, New York and Connecticut, in online shops, as well as in private collections.